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Design Studio

Design Studio

The incorporated fascination of an interior
is the value of a great designer!


With a long established reputation for creating original, unique and sophisticated interiors, the Design Studio comprises a talented team of professionals with diverse skills ranging from Interior Design, Interior Architecture, 3D Renders and Project Management. Tereza’s expertise, experience and passion for luxury design are visible in every project’s detail, from conception to installation.

Step 01


From Words to Paper

Clients brief analysis, getting to know the clients, the way in which they plan to use each space, their needs, interests, likes, dislikes and ambitions.. Visit to the project’s site and existing project analysis. Project conception and detailed alteration plans.



Existing Project plans


Proposed Project Alterations plans


Final Plans with Furniture Layout


Lighting Project plans


Step 02


Dressing the Structure

Personalizing your walls and floors, selection and presentation of all the proposed materials, finishes, bathroom and kitchen fixtures.




Step 03


Mixing Colors and Textures

Personalize and give texture and color to your Interior. We will create the style and concept for each space with detailed information and definitions, about the placement of each different texture, fabric and color.


Proposal 1 Proposal 2 Proposal 3


Step 04


Mood Board

The concept and definition of the project’s personalized style, selection and furniture layout plan, with identification and precise placement of the selected pieces for each different space.




Step 05


Reality Preview

Living the virtual world. Elaboration of 3D renders, where everything merges and materializes in a preview of your unique Interior Design project..


passo5-maquete1 passo5-maquete2 passo5-maquete3


Step 06


The gratifying end of the journey

The illusion turns in to reality. Placing of all the approved soft furnishings, furniture and lamps, in perfect coordination with the previously existing pieces selected to integrate the new project. The finishing touches where art, decorative pieces and a very special attention to detail play a major role, essential to create a flowing harmony throughout the house, that will translate in to fascinating magical interiors.

step6_1 step6_2 step6_3